Week 5 Individual task——Echoes



When I first listened to this presentation, I was shocked, astonished. It is overwhelming and thought-provoking. I started to know gay families again without any bias, I started to give a new definition about those miserable encounters in my life, and I started to know myself again at that time.

The miserable encounter in people’s life is the treasure, which means is that painful moment produced us now, we can try to find the real meaning from these pain. The meaning of life is in the seeking of meaning, which is to create the meaning, therefore, the meaning of life is embodied in everyday when we pursue the meaning of ourselves. We all were laughed at, abused and indifferent by others due to all sorts of reasons in our lives, and we always think we are special in the eyes of others, but only we experienced pain before found how easy to us to overestimate ourself all the time. In the other words, the pain we are experiencing now, which may make us feel fear and want to escape, but it exactly due to all what we ever did. The best riposte to this bitterness of life is to make yourself be a better one. Because the pain is more real than the happiness, which makes people thinking, reflecting, getting experience and being wisdom. We need to turn the pain into part of our own, and make the worst time in our life into a victory story so that fight back those that hurt us once. Therefore, it is important to understanding the miserable encounter in a right attitude. When it is coming, we should not feel panic, on the contrast, we should accept it peaceful. as Roosevelt puts it:” the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” When these miserable encounter past, you will meet another self, new one. A new identity of yourself will be produced. Same here, happiness will be more cherish due to these pain, the joy will become more remarkable. This is exactly the real meaning of life.

Forge meaning, build identity.


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