week 5 individual task Echoes

Yuyuan Zhang

Matt Cutts shared the change in his life and work after keeping doing the same thing in his general 30 days. In the speech of “Try Something New for 30 Days”, Matt Cutts said his self-confidence grew and his idea shifted from desk-dwelling computer nerd to the kind of guy who bikes to work while he insisted doing more and harder 30-day challenges. Particularly, he even hiked up Mt. Kilimanjaro which was he didn’t dare to think about before the 30-day challenge. At the end of speech, Matt Cutts emphasized again that it was more important to keep doing things we can do than unsustainable things.

The short speech though only have 3 minutes, did affect me a lot when I watched it first time. One year ago, I did my second year in Xi’ an polytechnic university in China. I remembered that I had a deep ideological struggle after watched Matt Cutts’ speech. I felt like I had no any change in my life during the last 20 years, and kept doing the things as many other students doing at university. Actually,I want to study go abroad when I was in senior school, but English was my biggest problem. In last few years, I made a plant of plans to learn English, but lastly I was always fail due to I gave up halfway. Matt Cutts’ experiences gave me the courage to think about it again, and I knew it was the time to do some challenges in my life. Then I decided to force myself to keep learning English every day. I’d love to mention the experience about my last time learning English plan. As Matt Cutts I asked myself keep doing the things I can, such as learning and practicing 30 words, and writing a 100-word composition per day, that was extreme hard at the beginning, but I insisted and finally I passed IELTS with 6 point. Now I have achieved my gold and study in Coventry University. After tasting the savor of success, I know deeply that keeping making some challenges in my life and try these in my next days are so important to form good habits and rich my life. For example, recently, I’m taking photos for myself every day to record my busy final year. I have already took 16 photos in last 16 days with different emotions and different moods. I want to keep this in a few months or even years, and when I look back in the future, it must be very funny.

I was so lucky to have an opportunity to watch the short speech. The question Matt Cutts asked at the end of speech, “what are you waiting for ”, really shocked me a lot. That just likes speaking to me directly and powerfully. I think that is the reason why his speech is deeply impressed in my memory. When I was boring or complain about my life or something, his words remind me to make some changes and try something new in next 30-day.


Cutts, M. (2014). Try something new for 30 days. [online] Ted.com. Available at: http://www.ted.com/talks/matt_cutts_try_something_new_for_30_days [Accessed 25 Nov. 2014].


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