381MC, Wen Yan

Computer replace books- agrees or disagrees

The function of computer covered spread message, analysis, search and more brilliant multi points. The main function of Book are save and propagate information, it is also the one of the function of computer. Talking to function, there two are overlap. When people use tools in their daily life, they more focus on more convenient and multi-function, thus this tool will be universalness. Such as people use electric lamp replace candle, electric lamp can be more convenient in people’s live. Book depend on picture and word to disseminate message. But computer cover book’s feature and also have more, faster and extensive strengths. More is the computer can use less space to reserve more information, Multimedia devices included listen, speak, interaction and watch. When you in study, this function let more interesting; Faster is computer can edit, spread and research very convenient. People can read information online from whole world; The propagation purpose of computer is extensive, dissemination of information is not limit, but get international under the figures. Compare to time, computer save a lot of information transmission time. In 21 century, it is the outbreak of information age. If people get more information, it means you will be superior about technology and economy. What is more, computer is very general in people’s live, we can see computer everywhere, even the smartest one- Ipad. Ipad is a kind of computer, it is more convenient to bring out. But the function of ipad is same like as computer. More and more bring ipad everywhere to read book, play games, research news and more. Thus it enough cover the function of book.

Different things have different strengths in different field. Some important calligraphy has high collection value in everywhere. Such as ancient books, although the book is not new, but the historical significance, value and status is higher than computer. Even now, some people spend a lot of money to collect an oldest book. To those people, some books have previous meaning to them. For example, in the church, if every Christians hold computer singing hymns, the frame will looks very strange. Singing hymns is a sacred thing and full of historical significance, if just want to following the development of development, the previous tradition will lose. And the situation in court is similar, in western countries, when people vow they must read the words from book. If book change to computer, it means change the law proceedings. Furthermore, if computer totally replace books, blind cannot study from books. They cannot use computer, their only way to receive information is from braille books. If books are disappearing, it equal to they loses the right to study. And book is real, the information all cover on it. If computer has virus to infringement, the documents maybe all lose and need long time to repair. But book is tangible, it do worried about virus.

Thus, for my opinion, computer cannot replace book. Although computer have more multi-media functions, but book also have it own meaning. Like part of books has especially collection value and status, computer cannot achieve it. Through this debate, it related to my 305MC. The main point is about the development of new media tool, such as iphone or ipad these electrical tools. To sum up, computer and book all have important status in different field.


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