381MC, Wen Yan

This mash up video showed genderization between different people. Sara, A, Kate, D and Jay, G (2007) has said ‘changing gender roles and relationships in later life and the challengers to masculinity with advancing age are newly emerging areas in the study of gender and ageing.’ Thus in the previous video, it role-played the condition and the most of stranger’s thinking is boy can’t wear dress. Also, girl needs to wear dress. But in the latter, same situation the Japanese school promotes sex exchange in one day. Boy wear girls uniform, girl wears boy’s uniform. Change uniform to wear, it is looks interesting, but school want to use this way let students to transpositonal consideration and have a simply touch with the genderization. Here is a huge gap between two video.

Sara, A, Kate, D and Jay, G (2007) Gender and ageing, Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education


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