381MC- echoes- Wen Yan

381MC, Wen Yan


This is a famous nursery about motherhood in china. When I am a child, my mom always sings this song let me have a good sleep. Until now, when I am in insomnia, this song will auto play in my mind. Obviously, this song gives me a really beautiful memory. Song is not long and lyrics is easy, but the song full of love and affection for the mom.

Also, my favorite movie uses this song to run through all story and to be a theme song to link the topic of movie. The movie called [my beloved], it is a story about promotes family ethics from Taiwan produced on 1988. When I was at kindergarten, it is my first time to go to cinema to watch this movie. And when the movie finished, many audiences all cried. Thus I have strong memory about it. After many years, I re-watched this movie, it also shocked me a lot.

Firstly, it is the script. In that time, commercial film is very popular in china. Although pathos movie is not universal, but it suitable with the chinese people’s mentality. It reflected the prevailing cultural phenomenon and audience’s psychology. Perhaps it gives people a good feeling to vent port. The story itself is not some special or amazing, but it close to people’s life and enough to impress the audience. The film start in flashback manner, a man who working at psychiatric hospital, he accidentally meted a patient who is his mom missing in 18 years. The story is simple but it can wake audience’s hidden emotion to mom.

Secondly, it is the influence of music- [mom is the best in the world]. This movie put music in right position to emphasize the phenomenon in order to communicate the emotion with audience. Most of audience all knew this song, when the story going to highlight, like mom and son faced a lot difficult and they finally separated. And in this moment, this song starts playing combined with the plot, it let the story more attractive and audience enjoy in it.

Thus, in my memory, this song brings a lot memory about my mom. Especially I am study abroad now, my mom have a long distance with me. And this song also can explain my homesickness.


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