381MC, Wen Yan

In this interview, I am so lucky can interview with professor John Keenan. His book ‘I am a starbucks worker.. my life no longer belongs to me: the performance of estrangement as a learning tool’ was published in 2013. He is the course leader in advertising and media.

With the growing of internet, especially the increasing range of video website, how do you think about the effect of advertising? Negative more or positive more?

With the change in the internet, do I think advertising is going more power or less power than before. It is everywhere of advertising, I’m gonna say it is more. The advertising just taking over the internet, you can’t gonna pay with that. Its even in moodle, I just notice it just selling space for advertise. So there is more advertise, if you are talking about the impact. It didn’t necessary to meaning having impact, because we got use this things. We can ignore messages a lot easily. So it is a difficult one to say whether more means more impact but suddenly it is everywhere at moment became second nature to have advertise, advertising works is more complicated whether just in the screen it is in the culture are design by is what is trying things and advertise just pointed the directions.

Now with the fast development of internet, mobile phone these kind of new media, traditional media like TV, how do you think it will be keep the advantage? Like face the challenge from new media.

Very well, they just go everywhere. Cookie is for the main thing, so add the paid for click bases now and we go on to start our computers. So that is a new way about advertising, it though click though, so they found a way identify individual to what we do. Till receipts, loyality card, facebook, all this things are ways of mash of test identify the individuals as post of social groups. So they have increate well, in the way they organization just won’t.

Did the new media and traditional media can fuse perfect?

They don’t. Old media are under a lot of strength of moment. They are fighting battle keep themselves valid in the society. Because we get news in anywhere, the thing I supposed think about of media is brand. People do trust brand in many of them, so the guidance, the sun, the BBC, we all survived because they all trust what they brands. New things have to post in common that is what they brand but even so they should be no reason why they all media re-safaring in the way it is been a bad management and re-look to them move online that is in lie of you. They are just no managing to change.

How to understand the relationship between creative and advertising product? Is creative idea will promote a successful advertising?

No, creativity in advertisement is lovely to watch. But it doesn’t necessary means to sales, sales different things. Advertising is not an art form, If you wanna art, you can get art galary. Advertising is send product give product meaning, if creative approach does, such as fandom, it will be very creative. If they mange to send product, then it is a good advertising. Creativity is one of a way to advertisment, but there are many many ways and trying to get yourself within your consuming group. So it becomes a central part of what is means to be that social groups the best way and I pointed jack wills and superdry, which do not advertising and they are successful.

Currently advertising environment increasingly open and advertising platform has been expanding, thus it will face to different audience from different age group. Do you think part of advertising should be control in somewhere?

I don’t think it can. I don’t think it can control anything. I think internet in general is not control by force, usually result from some panic and I thought there is no reason for the panic. I think instead of trying to control the internet, we are a lot better of trying to face what is it and what it does. And advertising is the same, I don’t think you can stop it. If you stop it, they will get range as they always do. And a good example, this is controlling thick range advertisement, they couldn’t and then advertise more creative. Maybe I’m wrong, but it is change the society which change the thing rather than change advertising. I’m not a fan of control, because just the thing give advertising is a new way to get random.

Thus, his answer helped me a lot. Because my dissertation topic is talk about the influence of advertising, his professional answer let me got some new idea in my dissertation. This interview gives me a deep understanding of the relation between new media and old media, creative advertising and advertising force.


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