week 3 individual task Debate

Yuyuan Zhang

381MC Debate (relate to 305MC)

Current controversies about people eating dog and cat is this normal behavior, and should human eat dog arouses the huge concern in public. This dispute is produced by a particular dog festival in Yu Lin, a city in Guang Xi province in China. The local tradition reportedly began in the 1990s. This festival is a folk spontaneous formation. At the annual summer solstice in June 21st or 22nd, local people according to the traditional history customs began eating dog meat with plenty of lychee. Once hold this festival will over 50000 dogs be killed and also include some cats about 10000. This affect causes a sensation in China. Except China, there are also other country eat dogs, like Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Vietnam and ect. Different people hold the different opinions toward this event.

The phenomenon has leaded to many people strong opposition who from animal protection organizations and who love dogs. They against it, because they think this a very cruel behavior, dog can help human do many special things. Dog is human’s friends. An old lady who against this thing said:” dog is a kind of companion animals, have high IQ, they can communicate with people and also can accompany the old people spend the lonely time, just like me, my son work in other city and sometimes when I feel lonely I can chat with my puppy.” There are too many comments like this to against human eat dog meat. On the other side, people eat dog meat and someone must sell it. This is a not legal trade, when this festival coming, more than 5000 dog will be killed, the volume is not small, and some dogs are old and even sick, if you eat them you maybe get sick from them. They hold the same point that Yulin government have to get the more strict control, because the trading here is illegal, you can not see any supervision here, and also no evidence showing that these dogs belong to the traders. China doesn’t have an animal protection law, many dogs are stolen, abducted. Some experts argue the festival is illegal.

While on the contrary side, people who eat dog, they have their standpoint. People who think this is a normal and right behavior is because they think it is a traditional ceremony and dog’s meat is delicious and have many advantages to human’s body, it can keeps you healthy. It’s really nutritious and flavorful, also it’s not very expensive, even cheaper than beef. They don’t think it is a cruel behavior, they hold the point that if you eat beef, that’s much more cruel than eat dogs. It’s because cows can help you plow fields. Why YuLin people eat dog have the close relate to the local geographical environment, climate conditions, and historical background, it’s not should be blame anyone.

In recent years many media focus on this topic. And also a lot of official media went to YuLin in order to interview the local residents how they view about their own local traditional ceremony – dog festival. One local resident said:” according to Chinese lore, eating dog meat stimulates internal heat, and there is also a superstition that’s the dog meat enable to bring good luck and health.” And other one said:” actually, I like dogs, but at the same time, I’m not against this special ceremony. This is just a traditional behavior, and the ancestors reserved for us, we don’t want to lost it.” Many people who live in YuLin, they sold dogs more than 100 a day and they think they feed dogs for the sake of selling dog meat, it can make more money, cause they have to raise their family.

In response to social concerns, local government in Yu Lin clamed and emphasizes Yu Lin government or any social organization didn’t hold any festival in the summer solstice about eating dog meat with lychees. At present, the Yu Lin government takes the lead of carrying out meat safety rectification work.

This situation happened is because China lacks the system to divide dog and pet. Pet belong to pet, human forbid to eating, particularly stole the pet from other people, and if the local have to keep the traditional ceremony, they should have a large scale area to feed dogs, also need dog quarantine, just like feed pigs, chickens ect. Giving the right and acceptable way to public of selling and eating dog meat.


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