Week 5, Echo (Rumbi Mupindu)


When looking up the word Feminist, the best definition we come across is “people who believe in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes” but society has rejected them to those who are trying to bring a moral panic. I believe that sexualisation should be served as an interpretive theory of contradictory society’s expectations of “The Woman”. I found this extract and others from feminist help evade liberal objections about free choice and gender equality.
“The best way to take control over people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time” Adolf Hitler.

Gender roles alternately are giving power and control to the male. When we look at the woman and man it is evident there are double standards.  As a female we are called to play roles in society, which essentially put us behind the male, this patriarchal system has created a glass ceiling, which is taking a long time to break, which, in my opinion, is due to the attitude of society.
This is my chosen audio because I believe men and women were not made biologically the same in terms of hormones and strength however in terms of intellect and creativity we are equal. Our brain capacity is the same so we are capable of doing the same things. About 52% of the world are women but most of the positions of power are occupied by men, which is very interesting topic when we analyse attitudes to female leaders in the world.
I am aware of the changes that have come to pass over the years towards gender and power equality, however we must work to change the attitude of society. We have evolved as humans but “gender roles” have not adapted with us. It is up to us not to change these preconceptions of the woman for the next generation, to empower young girls with potential to avoid the “safe” route when choosing a career and choose a challenging route that will develop their skills in controlling situations without feeling like they are coming across bossy because they are doing exactly what their male counterpart would do in that situation.

Why not teach girls to elevate their minds so they can be more successful than the man? Surely one’s life belongs to themselves and themselves alone. We must empower young girls to aim high allow them access to all routes.



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