Week 1 Individual task——Theory Mash-Up



This short video intends to play up on the fact that “the memory is not something found or collected in the brain of human, but something that is made, and continually re-made.” That is to say, the archives are not “passive storehouses of old stuff,“; rather, they are “active sites where social power is negotiated, contested, confirmed.” Through archives and memory be re-made, “the past is controlled. ” The video supported by one of James Opp, John C. Walsh’s theories.(James O, John C. Walsh 2010:302)


James O, John C. Walsh, 2010, Placing Memory and Remembering Place in Canada,UBC Press


Week 2 Individual task——Interview


Weijie Zhu, who is the president of Beijing Wishart communication Co. Ltd. As an earlier films explorer in China film marketing and promoting, which have successfully marketing in 《The Great Hypnotist》、《Switch》and more than 10 films. It is all with a high box office in the end. He is a senior entertainment marketing planning expert due to a series of successful marketing planning for the films in China and published 《Talk about the movie marketing》once, and several articles.

Due to there is a very strange phenomenon in the domestic movie market, which is the film box office is seems not proportional to the film itself sometimes. Some good movies have a lower box office, some films were scold miserably, but its ticket sales soared. People cannot help but ask, is there operating skills behind the box office? Although, the film reviewers thinks, regardless of the marketing will have effect on the box office to what extend, if it want to survive, the movie content is still the first productive forces. Therefore, this interview focuses on how does the film marketing influence on the movie box office?

Weijie Zhu thinks that to judgment a film good or not is very personal. But standing in the point of the capital market and film marketing, we should be consideration for the side of film production. Marketing as an important part in the assembly line of the film industry, the content of film is important, but the most important thing is to let people know about this movie, which is the first step of film marketing. Then to complete the transformation of box office is through the various ways to improve the interest of audience for the movie tickets.

Due to he as a professional and experienced expert in this area for a long-term, therefore, I tried to figure out what is the difference between the past and now in movie marketing. He explained that the movie marketing in the beginning was just find several media company to publish some issues, but now, the movie marketing became more diversified, not only online, also offline, and they can be linked to each other, plus it can be extended in a variety of platforms and channels. Now, the movie marketing should be various. Including the release of news, the cooperation of TV shows and the mobile terminal, that is to say, all the business cooperation needs to be applied to, otherwise it will be an advertising propaganda, rather than the marketing. He said, in the new media age, he did not think it is the time to abandon the traditional media. Because the Chinese audience presents several levels in the way of accepting the media. For example, Beijing represents now, the second-tier cities can be regard as three years ago of BJ, and the third-tier cities is like 4 years ago of BJ… so in these cities, the influence of the traditional media still cannot be underestimated. The key is to realize the conversion of the audience. So he has a habit. He always calls his friends, at least 10 person, who are in third-tier or fourth-tier cities before the showing of movies. To ask whether they know such a film or not, if the reply is positive, which explains their efforts in the aspects of informing. He thinks that the film marketing has to sink the marketing to the remote cities, because all the audience should not be abandoned.

With the conduct of the interview, some question occurred to me. What is the key point in film marketing nowadays? Is the content of film itself or promoting strategy? Weijie Zhu said that the key point in film marketing should be the media channel, rather than the content of film itself or promoting strategy. From his perspective, all should service for channels. A lot of people think that it should be the content, but when the whole film industry is increasingly standard, we cannot just rely on several sparkle ideas to change the destiny of movie any more. Therefore, the film marketing should make a full use of the channels. Including the new media, the traditional media, advertising, cross-border marketing channels, etc., He explained that he hopes he can see their advertising wherever he go. It makes people can feel the atmosphere of the film when they conducting any consumption. When we covered all channels, and people see it as much as possible, then let the marketing materials to meet the audience’s interest. When the coverage can link the interest at the same time, which is called the conversion rate. So the media channels became increasingly important in the following days.

Weijie Zhu said that the film marketing is different with the other products, but personally speaking, the movie marketing need to take advantage of the opportunities more than the other marketing, such as the star gossip, etc., One entertainment point which can make people nitpick together. The most common way of film marketing is through the film itself to produce a social issue or lead to the public opinion in order to guide the audience to focus on the film actively. On the other hand, there are also many similarities in film marketing and the other products. They all pay attention to the most interesting point of the products in order to arouse the desire of consume, and the purpose is meet the demands. But there are a lot uncertain factors in film marketing. Such as the change of the schedule, the change of the opponent, the distract of audience’s attention and so on. Because its various changes are quick, so the film company should be faster! Therefore, “speed” and “opportunities” of the movie marketing is more important than the other marketing.

When I asked him how does he decide to which film he will cooperate and promote, Weijie Zhu said that he mainly consider whether the team have enough time and energy to do a good job in this film or not, and make sure there are no more their own film in the same schedule.

In the end, I am curious he as a professional expert in this area, what is a good movie for him? And what is a good marketing he thinks? He said that stand on the capital market in the movie marketing, a good movie should try to do the best in the technology skill at least. In addition, it can let the audience go to the cinema, and think it is worth to buy the ticket.

According to Jenkins, who posits that the media industry goes through paradigm shifts all the time.(Finola Kerrigan 2010:194) Therefore, as Weijie Zhu said that the film marketing need to notice and make a full use of any channels with the continually development. The new media have experienced a series of changes, not only in the way of propaganda, but in the format of display. These changes are bringing a variety of fresh ideas to the film marketing all the time. Only the filmmaker and the promoter know the current situation clearly and grasp the opportunities before to make a good campaign of their film, even their film are not that good like they said. “While media organisations can develop online activities for consumers, they will only succeed if the consumers avail of these facilities and develop their own word of mouth building activates.” (Finola Kerrigan 2010: 201) In this digital world, we have to make the film marketing became more diversified, rather than like the past only organized the offline activities, but rely on the internet to hold the online activities so that to extended in a variety of platforms and channels. This is the biggest difference between the traditional media and the new media. And as Weijie Zhu mentioned that through the film itself to produce a social issue or lead to the public opinion in order to guide the audience to focus on the film actively, the word from the audience themselves is vital for all media activities in this era, especially for the film marketing. With the development of the technology, there are a lot of channels be provided to promote a film. To make a good film campaign or to win an outstanding box office, we need to pay attention to the social media and to build a relationship with the audience so that to get the news up-to-date.


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Week 3 Individual task——Points of View


Child marriage is one of the marriage customs, refers to the phenomenon of young men and women get married.

But according to the report: there was a 14-year-old bride in Nigeria put the rat poison in the food for her husband in their wedding, the wedding led eventually to the funeral. The bride confessed that she was forced to marry a man who is older than her 21 years, and she did not love him at all. But if they married, her father would get a sum of money and the dowry. A chief of the local police said that this 14-year-old bride maybe charged with attempted murder.

These issues all led to a fierce debate and public opinion. Some people think that child marriage is a common phenomenon in many countries. Like India、Arabia、China, etc. The reason of child marriage is various, but the main reason is relate to the religion, social system, even the dowry, etc. These societies are not against the child marriage, which is due to its extensive social foundation and the history of child marriage. All of this is a kind of embodiment of the social system、the social class and the power hierarchy. In these societies, people would think generally if women have not married yet to a certain age, which means they must have some problem in themselves. The growth of the age might make them cannot married anymore, so the existence of child marriage has its necessity. And child marriage would provided their family with a handsome dowry, that is to say the woman’s family may live better because of this money, especially their parents. Moreover, it is no doubt that child marriage also solves some social problems, such as preventing the premarital sex, reducing the phenomenon of illegitimate birth, adultery and rape, etc.

On the other hand, however, in these countries, to married an underage girls are regard as a part of the collective social norms, but this norms and attitudes actually reflects the whole society ignore the human rights of the girls in a long-term, which makes the society under the control of patriarchy in a long period. It may make the child bride spend the rest of their life in shame and discrimination. They don’t have the autonomy, because their life are decided by their parents, even some women will be tortured after the marriage. Furthermore, if they don’t comply with the wishes of their parents or have their own partner, which were usually punished, and even killed due to they shamed the reputation of their family. This is violation of human rights, any child has the right to enjoy their childhood, on one can be forced into marriage. Otherwise there is no difference with the human traffickers. The disadvantages of child marriage are obvious. It often leads girls drop out of school, which making education level of women is not high, and these adolescent girls are not mature yet in physical, early sexual behavior and the pregnant will seriously affect their health. But in fact, the behavior of married an underage woman and have sex with them is equal to encourage the pedophile.

In sum, whatever you support this opinion or disagree it, please just imagine if you cannot live your life according to your own will, how feeling you will be? If the answer is ok, then imagine when you were young, you were forced to do some disgusting things, how feeling you are? Child married, which represents a considerably number of girls be deprived of the right to live a normal life. In addition, they suffered the torment, physical and psychological. It cannot make sense whatever from any aspects.


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Week 5 Individual task——Echoes



When I first listened to this presentation, I was shocked, astonished. It is overwhelming and thought-provoking. I started to know gay families again without any bias, I started to give a new definition about those miserable encounters in my life, and I started to know myself again at that time.

The miserable encounter in people’s life is the treasure, which means is that painful moment produced us now, we can try to find the real meaning from these pain. The meaning of life is in the seeking of meaning, which is to create the meaning, therefore, the meaning of life is embodied in everyday when we pursue the meaning of ourselves. We all were laughed at, abused and indifferent by others due to all sorts of reasons in our lives, and we always think we are special in the eyes of others, but only we experienced pain before found how easy to us to overestimate ourself all the time. In the other words, the pain we are experiencing now, which may make us feel fear and want to escape, but it exactly due to all what we ever did. The best riposte to this bitterness of life is to make yourself be a better one. Because the pain is more real than the happiness, which makes people thinking, reflecting, getting experience and being wisdom. We need to turn the pain into part of our own, and make the worst time in our life into a victory story so that fight back those that hurt us once. Therefore, it is important to understanding the miserable encounter in a right attitude. When it is coming, we should not feel panic, on the contrast, we should accept it peaceful. as Roosevelt puts it:” the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” When these miserable encounter past, you will meet another self, new one. A new identity of yourself will be produced. Same here, happiness will be more cherish due to these pain, the joy will become more remarkable. This is exactly the real meaning of life.

Forge meaning, build identity.